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How to Build a Computer?
By  Super Admin  | Published  11/21/2006 | How To Articles | Rating:

Congratulations! If you've got this far through the book, you must have done something right. You now have a computer built entirely to your own specifications, budget, and personality. You've learnt more than is possible to learn from reading any PC Hardware book.

You have a new computer. Great. But it won't always be new. Here are some tips to keep it looking as shiny as ever:

First, always try to look for good deals. If you see a computer part for a good price, think about it, because it is always easier to spread the cost of upgrading a computer over a long time. Although, there is no reason to go overboard and always be on the cutting edge (unless you like playing high-end computer games such as Doom 3 or Half-Life 2).

Second, remember to keep updating your software. Log on to the internet regularly and update your:

Virus checker: This is important. An unprotected computer is not good. Loss of data, random hardware crashes and incredibly annoying glitches can all be the result of viruses.
Operating system(s): Update your operating system regularly to download patches for holes which viruses may enter your computer by, new features, and other cool stuff.
These two tasks can be scheduled to run in the middle of the night. Just remember to leave your internet connection on.

Third, occasionally (every two or three months is plenty) unplug your computer from the wall, take off the side panel, and blow out the dust with a can of compressed air, making sure to clean out the power supply as well. Be sure to not just relocate the dust from one part of the system to another but to actually blow it out. Doing this will improve the airflow inside your PC, lower the temperature, and thus give the computer a longer life. Not doing this can cause some components (such as power supplies) to eventually break a lot sooner than you were prepared for.

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Pat)
    I know you couldn't itemize costs, but it would have been good to estimate a cost for each item. Very informative information.
  • Comment #2 (Posted by Vince)
    After reading it twice, i think i have digested about half of all the technical stuffs u explained. I will read again a 3rd time because this article is so throughly to pass by. Thanks to you, i'm no longer a computer dummy. This article is very informative and well explained. I would recommend it to everybody.
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